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Joined Dec 23, 2009
I want one democrat to ask, on the floor, why republicans were giving access to terrorists the day before the coup attempt. Why they preach unity while also enabling the terrorists who seek division. Call them out by name.

Where is Alexandria?
Joined Jan 16, 2011
What a pathetic group. People really standing up for the man that literally sent people to kill you. You can’t make this stupidity up.
Some of those congresspeople might never return to their districts and permanently settle in liberal DC because their people at home want their heads.
Joined Mar 30, 2007
Lol this dude Mast
dude said that shh like it was supposed to be so profound

like they didnt just come from a trump rally with trump, his family and his lawyer talking.. and all geared up in MAGA stuff
Joined Jan 16, 2016
This can’t be 100% true. He doesn’t own the hotel in DC. He leases it from the GSA.
As sweet as that report is, I dont believe a single portion of it. Nothing in your own name is scamming 101, I mean business 101. Even my non-connected *** was exposed to such info.
Joined Dec 23, 2009
Great this Zeldon dip**** is parroting Qsperacies about the invasion happening DURING Trump's speech. What a ****ing treasonous ****.
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