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Should UnicornHunter’s faithful card be revoked for his blasphemous Patrick Willis comments?

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can't wait until we roll out our WR corps of Goodwin and Pettis and they both miss 6-8 games leading to our game plan of having Kittle fake-fall to get open.

or seeing Ward and Akh get consistently burned and the camera panning to Saleh's chrome dome like a deer in headlights
I went looking for this post becaus I recall the lack of enthusiasm going into the year from a lot of folks in here.

Winning changes everything

Los Angeles

formerly bright nikes
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I went to both games and the filled it twice and also filled the chargers soccer stadium last season as well. LA is definitely a niner city.
I think people get confused when fans come to a stadium vs the actual city being a representation of the team.

just cause the stadium gets filled with a majority of 49er fans doesn't make it a niner city, this is coming from a niner fan who has lived in los angeles my whole life.
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I just pray that we don’t end up in a game with a shootout... Don’t think Jimmy is capable of holding his own
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Maybe a close, low-scoring game would be more realistic. In that situation, I believe Shanahan play it safe and keep it a run-heavy.
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It's probably a little bit of both plus elite DL coaching. He started coming on strong last season as well, tho. I think staying healthy is probably the biggest improvement to his game.

Kocurek's attacking scheme is really conducive to pass rushing.
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