:::[Official] San Francisco 49ers 2023 Offseason Thread [Purdy torn UCL]:::

Should UnicornHunter’s faithful card be revoked for his blasphemous Patrick Willis comments?

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formerly drizzyd
Jun 1, 2009
Man just to be a critic.

Kyle is so ****ing Dumb for throwing on 3rd and long when they burned them of all their timeouts on that smoke to Mccaffrey. What if he dropped it. :smh:

When i saw Christian motion out I was like oh boy :lol:
May 7, 2016
Who remembers this lil stunt? Lol

Good sportsmanship 🤣🤣🤣
Jul 22, 2012
To be fair, that SOS is based off records from the previous season.
I think Olson made a good point that he's playing with a cushion or playing 'behind the WR because the defensive front is expected to stop the play first. Even last week's game against Seattle, he had a good game, even though he gave up that big pass.

Sure, I would love him to be more lockdown. But hell, I will take him and D'mo over Josh Morgan, Dontae Johnson, and Ambry Thomas as the starting CBs heading into the NFC Championship.
Jul 22, 2012
I love the game of football, but man. Nothing will ever get me to smash my TV in or do other violent ****. The worst I'll probably get is feeling down for a bit, avoiding sports for a few days, blaming certain players/coaches and contemplating "what ifs".
All theatrics and it's obviously fake at this point.

But I know there are those that take it to the extreme.
May 15, 2013
A large amount of my family lives in Philly. Would be nice to take that NFC crown from them lol.
Their arguments are they have a better QB, better receivers, better trench play and 4 Nick Bosas.

Damn I didn’t know they gave out 5 DPoy awards. I like us as dogs this game. Less pressure on us.

I like Drake in the game with the potential to bat down balls and he’ll be juiced and hungry.
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