Official Shoe Release/ Store Sale Thread DMV

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Thanks, may grab another pair from FTL if champs doesn't get them. I have a few $20 champs rewards that I want to use so we will see.
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Anyone know where I can find authentic wizards shorts in blue? doesn't have any.
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Pentagon had my size which was a 9. Got out of work and was stuck in traffic for 15 mins . Get there sold out . Springfield sold out . Potomac mills got sizes 10-12.5 in creams
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Just stopped by Annapolis mall, and they had size 9 and up. They'll probably be gone by tomorrow morning

edit: annapolis mall sold out
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Joined May 8, 2012
If anybody needs a sz10.5 or 11 in the toyko nmd hit me up. Can definitely work out a deal since everyone in here is local.
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it depends on the shoe. most people start lining up at like 8 AM for a GR. Some will go to the club and just sleep outside the building until opening :lol:
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Joined Oct 11, 2013
If anyone knows, when do lines typically begin to form at Nike Georgetown?
it depends on the release, for SBB'S line formed the night before release but Maroon 6's I got in line at 0930 and was 5th in line. If you going for 11 lows I would be in line around 5 am. But that's my opinion
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