Official Supreme Thread F/W Season Done. Happy New Year!

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Brown sold out first but is One of the lowest in resell as of now. If I can scoop one for $600 or less ima do it. Pls let it happen!
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I’m shook that when I get up yellow gonna be there and imma fool myself and get it and the first time I wear it it’s gonna get dirty.
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So since Nov, my ISP Optiumun has been going through outages. Mostly at night. This week OF COURSE, the outages started occurring during the day. **** Optimum.

Anyway i decided last night to go to a library or starbucks and use their wifi to cop bc there was no chance at home with how this was going.

Set up at starbuck and at 11 i tried going for red L and got card declined twice.

On the 2nd fail, i left it open and opened another tab in incognito

Tried red again and sold out. Clicked on other colors and got blk in cart.

Typed in my addy and cvv and submitted. It got stuck on processing so i left it to look back at OG tab. Still dead

Go back and i had conf screen for blk large! After i calmed down, i tried for beanie and no dice.

Then remembered nutcraker and got that as well.

Email came in instantly for nutcracker but not for bogo so was a little worried. Had the charge and conf email though.

But the email just came in a little before 1 so now i can breathe!

Proof lol


Now to head to BK and stand in the cold for a 3 hrs to see what #760 can do for me

Congrats on yall W's

Save the story iRobot, we knew you cooked no matter what 😔😭


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Got my email confirmation, but also got charged twice 😳

Soooooooo.... I got a SECOND confirmation email at 12:57 for another Black XL :wow:

Order # for the second order is only 2 away from the order # on my first confirmation email, so I'm thinking that mashing the "process payment" button somehow landed me two hoodies.

Oh dear sweet lord baby Jesus please let both (or at least one) ship

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I placed an order and got 2 email confirmations today. One of them was instant and I got the other about an hour later.
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