Official Supreme Thread F/W Season Done. Happy New Year!

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I was on NT back then, we weren’t hooking people up like that. You might get pointed in the right direction, but you weren’t getting hooked up for a release of this magnitude.
I remember a dude who copped at Bowery for like 5 dudes in this group that misses out last year during Bogo szn..... wasn’t looking for a handout, just a oop....
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Yeah things have changed. Some people don’t even wear this stuff, they just flip it.
Cold world. But if you have a truck payment don’t buy this hoodie. This stuff is a luxury item that many of us could not get today, myself included.
But sorry nobody here will take a 300 dollar loss to be a bro or whatever.

People used to look out back in the day but that’s a whole nother story
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this is one of the better box logos in recent memory just off the embroidered paisley but honestly I can’t wear box logos anymore and not feel like a bozo. the types that rep supreme today make me hate myself when I’m wearing one
Hahaha, yup. Whenever I get the itch to buy a box logo hoodie on resale, I just search for pictures on Instagram, and it usually makes me stop wanting one.
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Well sounds like LA is getting into the high 700s and still got stuff. No XL though which pisses me off but at least can get one of each thing.

RIP sleazyy

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Need that grey in XL. Might let this San Fran bogo + cash go for it.

this large not gonna fit how I want I already know :smh:
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