Official Supreme Thread F/W Season Done. Happy New Year!

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I was out to dinner with some old friends last night who aren't into sneakers/streetwear at all. One pulled up a bunch of old pictures he found of us from 10-15 years ago. In one I was wearing the black NBHD Box logo tee (to date this was one of my favorite releases; I had nearly every item). Picture must have been from the Summer of 2007; I really couldn't believe that of all days he was showing me this before the bogo drop. I took it as a sign and had a good feeling I would hit today. Sure enough the site ran incredibly well for me (better than most regular drops) and I was in and out in a couple of seconds and just got shipping.

I don't come in here often because I'm too old to be rocking Supreme regularly, but bogo season brings everyone back. Congrats to everyone that hit.
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500s for a BOGO hoodie is wild. might be unheard of in supreme history lol
Uh I had trouble moving my grey XL back in 2013 for 350 on ebay. remember it took me a long long time.

The pricing of supreme within the past couple years is unheard of if you have been buying for a long time.
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Waddup blood

Literally what was in my cart... and just ended up with the nutcracker after the sellouts

And on top of that knowing that red beanies were still in store AFTER the last slot went burns me. Im pretty good when it comes to good time slots in Bklyn.

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