Official Supreme Thread F/W Season Done. Happy New Year!

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man i had a blk med cart from yesterday, but i saw the restock and went for another color,
shouldve just kept refreshing the checkout... but then again i wouldve used the same card so maybe i wouldve gotten declined anyway :ohwell:
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The young dudes on these lines now have no clue what any of this use to be. It’s kinda cool to see because if you were there before you know how crazy sh** was, but it’s cool to see it. I hope my kids are into all this stuff when I get kids.
I got a five year old and a three year old, I think it would be pretty cool if we bonded over stuff like this. I won’t let them camp out but a 2-3 hour wait for stuff together I’m not opposed to.
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If that bogo is true, then this 25th anniversary looking back at it yrs from now was CRAZY
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Supreme dropping box logos like it’s nothing
Lets see, this season they added box logos to honda crewneck, had SF opening, bandana hoodie, and now the t-shirt
It used to be a once a year special
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A charge for the hoodie has now reappeared on my card...still no email though.
Guess I'll just hope it shows up one day.
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