Official Supreme Thread F/W Season Done. Happy New Year!

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Joined Oct 8, 2005
How low do you think these tees will drop when they all come in?
350ish on the low end IMO.
meaning I might have to part with some things because there is no way i'm going into the new year with this L.

wait its already at lower than that lol. welp. shows what I know.
Joined Apr 11, 2011
Had whit elarge in cart and got to checkout but after clicking process 5 times it finally started to move only to be kicked out.....wack
Joined Jun 14, 2003
card charged for a Brown Medium but no e-mail confirmation and the processing bar didn’t push all the way through. L?
Joined May 4, 2014
Added to cart at around 11 and site was sending me back to splash screen trying to checkout. I manually entered everything for this drop since I got card declined using chrome autofill last week.
After going back and forth a few times of check out page and splash screen I eventually got my processing bar to load and got charged, received my confirmation email at 11:04 too.
say wallahi


Joined Apr 7, 2013
i was spamming checkout and kept getting the repetitive out of stock until the declines, that means i definitely caught a restock and i got declined
i got declined last week and today too

same card hit TNF this season so yeah
Joined Dec 19, 2016
Next time just cart something before hand and have the payment page open ready so once you cart the bogo, just hit payment
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