Official Supreme Thread F/W Season Done. Happy New Year!

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Just got back to my computer to see my page monitor went off for the grey/black mohair...i hope they didn't restock and i missed it
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Went to supreme la this morning...if you’re looking for some of the new tees in medium, head on down.

Finally got my American picture tee.
man i wanted a pink one before they was sold out but kept gibving me errors.. smh smae thing with inc tee. then they sent me a royal blu inc ttee when i was trying to check out with a black smh. hope they have some when i visit on the 26th
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Black Statue jacket looks really dope in the “accurate” mock-up. Hopefully it looks the same in person.
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Finally snagged the white pair for close to retail and in my true size. Took a few painful seshes to break the black pair in after sizing down .5 for a snug fit skating. Found out gato run small anyway. If you’re still looking to pick these up definitely go .5 size up from what you wear in dunks. Any way these are very underrated IMO. Awesome shoe for skating and I’m glad to have another pair that’s not as snug.

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So I got an Order Update email on the Red Burner Phone - supposedly its on its way (ups tracking provided etc.)

HOWEVER, my order never went through yesterday. My attempt was rejected because I entered my expiry date incorrectly (old autofill info on new amex card). Also, I do not have any pending charges on my credit card. Has anyone experienced this before ?
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