Official Supreme Thread F/W Season Done. Happy New Year!

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Joined Apr 26, 2017
Is online registration for SF the same process from the instruction on Page 1 on this thread? Ive never done online registrations before. Someone please fill me in.
Joined Jun 10, 2016
i have not seen a single person who saw actual registration open or signed up.

so registration is probably on tuesday, or supreme SF's grand opening is going to have a short *** line with the three unknown people that managed to get in.
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pass on levi's stuff
If that Box Logo is the one on the shirt then its awesome.

I guess no NF this week. I need supreme to hold off dropping the stuff i like from the lookbook until then. I need hype pieces to drop so i can actually land the low key things i want. The mohair miss has me bitter
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