Official Supreme Thread F/W Season Done. Happy New Year!

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Joined Jul 1, 2014
Anyone else get major site lag? I couldn't even see the checkout page because it took 4-5 minutes after 11 to finally see the product page >.>
Joined Jul 30, 2017
Thought I got lucky and copped a small TNF tee and wondered why there were so many more colors for it. Go back to check and realize I bought the crest tee...

In better news, cooked on M Black Mountain Jacket! Saw Small, but didn't want to risk not getting it.
You made me go back to my order confirmation to confirm I copped the TNF tee and not crest tee :rofl:

I copped TNF thankfully
Joined Sep 1, 2012
Site was SUPER jacked. Copped a Black TNF hoodie in medium. How long will it take to arrive to NYC? I haven’t cooked in two years ?

Had two tabs open to check if the site was laggy. Managed to add a white tee to cart. I go to checkout (after already checking out on the hoodie) and they had the hoodie in the cart again and the white tee. I hit payment info and then both gone. What’s up with them that they doing so terrible site wise?
Joined Apr 24, 2005
Site loaded late. Clicked submit twice and it ended up saying already ordered. Tried again and got declined so I checked my email and saw my confirmation.
Joined Jan 24, 2016
Dont know if this will help anybody else with the declines but at checkout after chrome auto filled my info I erased the last few digits of my card real fast and put them in manually(I've been getting a ton of declines lately) and my purchase went smoothly today. Again it could be this didn't matter but it worked for me.
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