Official Supreme Thread F/W Week 12: ROLITLK

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nylon is an interesting choice. Bummed its not TNF this week but i guess levis and SF same week makes more sense
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1) Didnt know there was a GOAT thread
2) looks like they are selling mostly high end stuff but also see Stussy on there so not sure lol
Yea, it’s more about people telling/complaining about their experiences with GOAT. Like how there’s an SX thread.

I won’t be surprised if they start reselling from users like SX soon.
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LOL fake news supreme community... oh well can’t always get em all right. Good luck to the yay area peeps. C y’all out near the TL.
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If anyone wants to help me with a sf bogo I can guarantee you a spot in line...

sorry for the spam, just want the shirt lol. Couldn't get out of work for the 1 day trip
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