Official Supreme Thread FW20: Week 5 TNF

Joined May 7, 2019
Was able to get Social Tee in Navy, **** took forever to load, i exited and came back for grey. It told me I already copped. Order confirmation came through for the Navy 7 minutes later. Didn’t even try for motion logo.


Joined Apr 15, 2019
The site was extremely laggy today. I was stuck on processing for literally 5 minutes. I left it alone and the order eventually went through.
Joined Jul 26, 2012
Didn't even attempt the Mogo's...went straight for Split and Ichi L/S. Processing took a minute like everyone else but was able to get to the confirmation page. Wish the processing didn't take that long otherwise I woulda went back for the Lizard tee smh.

Anyone else get email confirm? Edit: Nvm, this time it just took awhile.
Joined Jul 19, 2006
Hesitated on the blanket and it sold out on me.

Motion logos wouldn’t even load for me until 11:10.

So I rage copped the Che Rayon shirt :ohwell:
Joined Oct 27, 2004
Tried to bail on the marble tee while it was processing, but it was but it was too late. If anyone wants a black large for what I paid, let me know.
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