Official Supreme Thread SS21: Week 18 Summer Tees

Air Money

formerly sneekaz
Joined Mar 30, 2006
I wish I was up earlier, at 12 am-2am est. Been waiting in a ****ing queue for like an hour. Worse than Supreme's site.
Joined Jun 10, 2016
by the time i saw the collection go up, half of the tees were sold out already. they went really quick. i heard there were at least a couple of bots setup for the site.
Joined Jan 26, 2018
Pucci website was a mess, a lot of errors and 'no bag id is set' messages, i managed to cart a bogo and tried to checkout using my credit card but no luck - ghost 'place order' button, i switched to paypal and have been stuck on processing for the past 30 minutes so obviously it's an L but just can't force myself to close the window and move on with my life :lol:

something that might be helpful for US people, direct links to bogos: - white/pink - white/blue - white/grey - grey/grey - grey/pink - grey/blue - black/pink - black/blue - black/grey

maybe replacing 'gb' with 'us' when the time is right will do the trick and take you directly to the product? trying to navigate through the website was absolutely horrendous, so having direct links might put you in a good position to cop

Joined Jun 10, 2016
i was on the en-us version of the site. they were available to ship to the US, so they might already be done.
Joined Apr 11, 2011
Could have gotten all the tees off grailed for under 200 last night. Really hope when they become more in hand the vultures start price cutting.
Really hard not to drop sub 200 on that black/blue
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