Official Travis Scott x Jordan Thread ...

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I just wanted to confirm, they pass all other legit test this was the only thing that had me iffy about the pair
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Purchased a pair of AJ1 Fearless (since I struck out) on StockX. Maybe I'll get lucky and win some free Travis Scotts!
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As long as they're authentic and look fine , besides under UV light, why does this matter?
I never really understood the UV light thing...I mean it’s not like the shoes were used in a murder....outside of the one committed on my wallet of course.
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StockX pair UV light, the soles look fine not under light, but under light flaws are major
It's not a widely known thing but this is one of the best ways to legit check certain pairs. TS1s, unions, and a few other "collab" pairs have these smudges on the midsole that is only visible with a black light. It used to be one of the best ways to authenticate fakes since they never had the smudges, I dont know if they do now though. (Granted they put extra on your pair lol)

If anyone has a pair of unions, solefly, TS1 highs or any other high profile shoe, check em out with a black light and you'll see what I mean.
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