Official Travis Scott x Jordan Thread ...

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I would NEVER pay resell or or most likely even retail for a pair that didnt come with everything. I may consider is maybe the tissue paper or maybe a basic black pair of extra laces was missing but still prolly not. Especially the box LOL. IMO it's not hard to keep those things when you get a pair of shoes. Only reason it shouldnt be included is if it was fake, they took it out for themselves, or possibly an early released pair.
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It’s almost as if people think cats don’t try for retail. The shxt is damn near impossible for my size, unless it’s a super GR.
I happen to like GR’s, as well as limited shxt.
Nike only wants me to be great with GR’s though.

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Ain't nothing wrong with paying resell. I'm just not with it and dont mind basic shoes and no box if I'm not reselling it. The heat I've won or got for retail is ok too.
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I used to be team Retail-or-Bust, but now I'm Team-Retail-Unless-I-really-really-really-love-a-sneaker. So paying resale 2-3 times a year makes sense for me.


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6's will be the only travis shoe i pay resale for, unless the 1's dip under 900
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I know a lot of people think I’m crazy for copping without the box, it Goat does a authenticity check and are better at it than Stock X. Also for a $50 difference, as long as i get all the laces and shrouds and the shoes are DS, that’s all i care about. I’m going to wear them anyways and not resell
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The 50% off seller fee promo isn't having the impact I was hoping for with the AF1's. Maybe sellers will give in a little tonight as the promo gets closer to ending. Wishful thinking at this point
I don’t see how 50% off sellers’ fee will make a big impact. Sure there might be some desperate sellers thinking they’ll make another 4% out of it but it’s really not much since they end up selling lower anyways comparing to selling higher and paying full selling fees. Prob end up being the same amount or close to it. Unless they accept the first couple of high bids before it gets low, anything after is just pointless. If they do something for the buyers I think it’ll work better.
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Is there anyone that doesn’t want their grey laces that came with the 6’s?

my boy got a pair from StockX and they didn’t come with them. I guess they were so focused on the authentication part that it was overlooked.

so I gave him mine since he planned to wear them with grey laces and I was still in between those and the green lol.
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