Official Travis Scott x Jordan Thread ...

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Joined Oct 26, 2014
sucks it didn’t come as shown but can’t go wrong with stitched atleast you know it’s going to last
Exactly. I still love it, still dope IMO (brown, comfy, I love embroidery), was just like “this doesn’t look quite like what was advertised.” Oh well.
Joined Jun 29, 2020
I love the embroidery too, as I’m a sucker for embroidery, but it was supposed to look like a recreation of the Nintendo script, and it’s just a regular script without any connection to Nintendo. Was just a little underwhelmed as it wasn’t what was advertised.
Well actually that font itself is one big nod to Nintendo as it's the same one used in the Super Nintendo logo. You're more concerned by the lack of "entertainment system" underneath, I guess. I can relate.
Joined Aug 1, 2017
This statue of Batman is in downtown Burbank (small city in Los Angeles County). The very first time I noticed it from afar, I thought it might be a statue of Travis Scott in his Halloween costume. I can not explain to you how much joy that idea brought me for those few seconds, until I was quickly disappointed. :rofl:

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