Official Travis Scott x Jordan Thread ...


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They heavy. That was the first thing I noticed. Nike did a decent job on them. My buddy has a sz 8 and his were very hairy. My sz 12 wasn't like that but still no complaints.
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200k pairs of the Frag lows :nerd:

How’s that look in comparison to previous Trav Jordan 1 drops? frenchbreadbuilds frenchbreadbuilds …Seems like a good amount getting made…
first thing i want to say is be weary of "confirmed" stock numbers. the numbers that leak on social media are always higher than what ive heard personally. might be a conspiracy theory but i think its market manipulation. Theres a 50K number floating around for the travis highs that i know isnt true and my first guess is that its going to make the right after release market lower than it should be. its considerably lower than 50K pairs. As for the lows the only number i have is over 100k stock. Could be 200K though

I wasnt in the know for the previous drops but i wouldnt be surprised if there are more lows this time around than the last 2 highs and lows combined. or atleast close to it.

as far as my opinion goes, if you have to pay resale, do it right around drop for the highs and maybe wait it out for the lows.
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