Oh I'm sorry, Did I Break Your Conversation........Well Allow Me A Movie Thread by S&T

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Ready or Not -- 5.5 / 8

- The whole cast did well in this -- it's very clear they put effort in and it paid off
- More comedy than thriller/suspense, but it made sense -- almost as if it was self-aware
- I thought this would be another version of You're Next (2011) where the main shorty is actually a BAMF killing machine, but I'm glad it wasn't
- The reactions of the protagonist / family are all spot-on in the context of the movie
- Kudos to Brody for doing well here -- he's been sorta typecast as the smarta$$ / sarcastic guy, but we see some good mix here

Nike Jordan

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Ted Knight would get sent college sweatshirts and sweaters to him and he would wear them on his sitcom Too Close for Comfort.

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Boy Erased 5.7/8

Oh wow bro rape is not a joke. That entire scene was wild jarring. Fam was inside dude no lube and approached it so casually. Whole time I'm thinking as a man I could never do that to a female.

The movie is another gay conversion therapy church camp movies. I liked the Miseducation of Cameron Post better.
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So, peeped Aquaman. Can’t say it’s bad. I like Momoa in the role and thought he did fine. All the acting was adequate and the overall story was fine. But there was just something missing. Just never really made me emotionally invested (which has been my experience with the majority of recent DC Comic movies).

I did enjoy the death-by-red-wine scene quite a bit though...


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That was a long time ago.

But yeah, right after I watched Band of Brothers like the next weekend I binged the Pacific. Posts about it are deep in this thread. I liked it but it wasn't as a complete and as good story as BoB.

There will be a 3rd mini series. It will be based on the air force. Can't wait for that
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