One of the Most Disturbing Movies I've Seen ...

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That Megan movie got me teachin my daughter to be a straight Savage.

Shoot first and dont stick around to ask questions.
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Kinda related to this, but I saw a story that talked about the people whose jobs are to flag videos. Basically the ultra violent, people getting killed, child porn kinda stuff that gets uploaded to the internet. They sit in an office and watch this stuff daily and flag the videos. Some of the workers suffer from ptsd and need therapy.
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Might be the most disturbing movie I’ve seen. Think it’s still on Netflix.
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Dude at work stated that Funny Games was designed so that only a psychopath could get through it, or something like that.
Wow, he wasn't lying...
It really was designed to be a test/game for how far an audience member is willing to sit and watch despite the atrocities. We're the lab rats and the theatre is the box and the movie is the test...
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Shout out to spooky rice for his reviews of these types of movies

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For some of the films, simply reading the plot gives me an empty feeling, I can't imagine how watching it would make me feel.
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i watched this again the other night for the first time since it came out. Hated it the 1st time. FULLY understood it this time and I appreciate it more. Gyllenhals real life writer character is straight savage for what he did.
for this very reason I LOVE Nocturnal Animals.
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