Original Nike Air Classic BW Leather midsole exploded!

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Not sure if this has happened to anyone before. I went to look at my original Air Classic BW leather and couldn’t believe my eyes at what happened. Looks like the midsole exploded and created a huge crack from the toe to air bubble. Pretty crazy! Never had this happen to any of my sneakers and I have older pairs than this 1997 BW. I’m thinking it has to do with the encapsulated nitrogen bubbles that they used back then? Just thought I would share in case anyone has any insight as to why this happened. Bummed that they are essentially ruined but I got them for free so not too upset about it.
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Joined Jan 2, 2002
No explosion. Pretty common polyurethane dry rot
I get what your saying but there were no signs of cracking or anything and I haven’t Looked at them in a while But last I did everything was intact. Reason why I said “exploded” is because of the size and how it happened in one shot. Usually you’ll see hairline cracks etc. I have never seen this before. Either way thanks for the reply.
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I had a DS pair of OG blue patent leather Ndestrukts that looked perfect so I wore them to the mall and lost both soles lol the material just is not meant to last that long, sorry for your loss
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