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Anyone have a clue on how hard or how much it would be to install new heated side mirrors? Had them on my old car and this snow storm reminded me that it’s def something i miss :lol:

they have a kit and actual mirrors on eBay for not too much $$ but I’m curious about the wiring and all that stuff. I would also like to have an on/off button but idk if that’s possible .. have no idea how to do it


I need to get these and a remote starter installed
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reminder to change out your transmission fluid. i changed mine out the other day and it was filthy caught it right on time. after buying fluids from BMW they told me its lifetime and its not recommended :sick: my shifts were feeling floaty its way more direct and slick now.

Born and raised ?
Where u live ?
yeah LA i might go to big bear soon cant wait :pimp: its already snowing on angeles crest too
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Anybody running Winter tires for the next few months? Bout to buy some and just wanted to know what others are using.

I know the most popular 2 are blizzak and x-ice, and read the hakkapeliitta is the best (premium). Interested to hear if any cheaper options perform just as well as Blizzak or X-Ice

I got Michelin Pilot Alpin 4s on my 335is. They are pretty good, almost compatible to the Pilot Sport 4s that I run in the summer.

Even took em out in the snow the other day and they managed pretty well. Mind you the snow was not that deep though
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