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So da hemi measures every 1/4 and 1/8th mile under normal everyday driving even when you’re not trying and when you don’t start some kind of timer. Got it. Sounds hella useful.
So when you went 0-100mph in 3.5 seconds you didn’t cover an 1/8th mile? Or did you not have it set to measure the 1/8th mile in the program that automatically measures at all times even when you’re not trying?
It does measure every 1/4 1/8 from every single stop
From a stop sign light or whatever
The timer always measures
U have to go to a screen to see it
But it’s always on calculating ur times
There’s a screen for ur best
And current
I realize u may not have known that
But instead of tryna have a smart remark
Do ur googles first
And no I wasn’t doing even a 1/8
To get those seconds
Just normal driving stepping on it for a a few seconds or 2
Then letting off
Hope that helped
Any more dumb *** assumptions I can assist u with??

EDIT: and I say all that respectfully
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Anyone here own a 15+ C63 AMG? I've been looking at them and was wondering if anyone has any opinions or issues with them.


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This classic car dealership back in stl has a 200 dollar porsche 935 diecast car .very very detailed car. I want it so bad. If its there when i get back ill grab it.

My first diecast car was a candy blue 64 impala lowrider.its ironic because thats how the first lowrider i seen in person looked like. :lol:
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Nope its gonna be a street car that can gap a demon and leave train lengths on hellcats :wink:
Frame is ready re-inforce and powder coated might swap out that built 12 bolt for a IRS cradle in the near future so it can handle as good as it looks around turns.
when we gonna link????
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The day I've been waiting over a month for is finally here, install day

Eibach Stage 1 Pro Truck lift system
Remark Bold Performance Exhaust
Spidertrax Wheel Spacers

There it is. How high of lift you going? I see some spacers you got some wheels and tires aswell or you just trying to get good fitment.
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