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Joined Aug 5, 2017
From what I see “SRT Bree” is the leader of the hemi gang out on these YouTube streets 😂

The energy of charger/challengers is extra whack now a days.
They've kinda became like mustangs

people just throwing every accessory on that thang.

makes me wanna just get a classic hotrod and call it a day
Joined Oct 17, 2012
For any of you guys into Japanese cars, my brother recently picked up this 98-Spec JDM Integra Type R. The car is basically all original, aside from lowering springs and an intake. Only has 86k miles. It needed some minor maintenance but it's pretty solid overall. I drove it around for a bit and the whole RHD takes some getting used to. The hardest part to get used to is using the mirrors.

Sick sick ride man, congrats to your brother. RHD in a LHD country= :emoji_ok_hand: . I'm sure he'll mix up the blinker & wiper switches occasionally lol. I've always wanted to get an RHD car. Looks like it'd make an interesting driving experience.
Joined Oct 17, 2012
I don’t think that they fell off, it is some cats on here that push some nice Hemis. I think since the departure of Nawghty the other Hemi drivers don’t bang the drum as loud as he did.
Nawghty was a legend lol. I remember one time he said the hemi can take any Camaro or Vette on a track even with hairpin turns & sharp maneuverability tasks. I'm all about the Hemi but that simply will NOT happen lol, not even up against a 4 banger or V6 Maro/Vette. The Hemi handles like a bowling ball on a waterbed
Joined May 4, 2019
Yeah, I’ve had it a year, I just never posted pics or anything because I know how it can get downright contentious in here if it isn’t a Hemi.
stinger gt get respect in the car community, well from people who know how fast those beast can become. I put them in the same category as the Infiniti Q50/q60 3.0t, Bmw 340i, Supra with the b58 engine. All can get 450-550 whp with little upgrades. You have a car that can beat most hemi lol, post your **** and don’t care what a hemi owner have to tell ya :pimp:
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