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i'm not a car-head like that, but can still appreciate the beauty of them. these are the matchbox cars i grew up playing with, dreaming that one day i'd be sitting in a countach.

need these damn cryptos to hit so i can make that pipedream a reality.
That's great buddy. And I love the Matchbox analogy as it's exactly what I did when I was younger. You know, I've had a few select friends, like true car guy people who love cars, say to me that they don't get excited by the super sports cars and exotics because, in their own words now, "they can't afford them so why should I get excited". I'm like seriously? Got a buddy who has a Mustang like me, newer, S550, and he loves his car, that great.

When he asked about my car, I told him I still got my 2006 Mustang GT, but I don't really take it to shows anymore, but more the cars & coffee meets on occasion as I go with my wife with her new cars. He asked what they were. I told him an FType SVR & Lamborghini and that I could text him a pic (as I'm proud of what she's accomplished). Said it's okay, don't bother. Can't afford them so I don't bother getting excited. Horrible mentality. Like, seriously? I can't afford them (my wife does very well for herself) but they excited the bleep out of me. My buddies own Ferraris and Lamborghinis and Porsches and McLarens. I get excited about them all.

Being around these cars, has given me a renewed motivation to get healthy and return to work and save everything I can for a Lotus. Just today, my neighbor came with us to the local Concourse event. AMAZING show. We just got there, parked our cars in the cars & coffee lot and a dang P1 & Senna came in after us. Like, day is made. Just the design and such about these cars does it for me. Wait till I post some pics in a bit. It was an AMAZING day!!
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both are going to be awful even 5 years down the line let alone 10. ( maintenance wise )

I had a G30 5 series and I liked it.

I might choose the E300 vs a 530i but the M550 is the clear winner in that scenario and it’s not even close.

white interior on the 5 series looks super nice. That’s what I had and I got compliments all the time.


Navy and white guts? Like I said im not a huge fan of the exterior of this car compared to the last gen but thats a nice color combo. My boy has an M5 CS, maroon with white interior. The white leather is really nice in person.
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The one being offered to me has white leather and I'm not a fan of it at all :lol:

I can’t do anything but Red after having red seats now.
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Pulled in to the supermarket to grab some booze and had to snap some shots of the E39. Crappy cellphone pics and my car was filthy, but the color looked :pimp: under the lights. Gonna go back after a wash with the DSLR to take some better ones.

Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 6.51.57 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 6.51.44 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 6.51.15 PM.png
BEAUTIFUL interior!

I gotta find pics of my old e39
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Dropped my Targa off for service today (again) and have a 718 Cayman S for the week.

I can’t believe this car is a 4cyl. It sounds nuts. I’m a believer officially.
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Why is my Accord telling me maintenance is due already, ive had it for 2 months and havent even hit 800 miles yet. I do a lot of idling but damn. Oil is at 15%.
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Why is my Accord telling me maintenance is due already, ive had it for 2 months and havent even hit 800 miles yet. I do a lot of idling but damn. Oil is at 15%.
Honestly, the tech most likely forgot to reset the maintenance reminder in the computer. It's not just mileage, but also based on time. And if your car was on the lot a little, then the clock was ticking from the moment it was built. Happened all the time at work. Techs years ago when the oil life meter was first added to Fords, they would forget to hit the reset. I wound up doing it so often when my customers would come back a day later.
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Time for a decent photo dump from yesterday's Radnor Hunt Concourse. Lots of the early pics are from the Motorsports Park lot. This is the lot that regular people just attending the show can drive their cool cars and park them there for people to check out before they go into the regular show. This lot had at least 200 cars constantly throughout the day. We came in her Gallardo and they had a small section of Lamborghinis.

That lot was NUTS!! Then the real show was real high end stuff and the feature marks this year were Bugatti and "Ferraris that are not red". 🙂 May be multiple posts for these but I hope you all enjoy. Oh, and this just a small sample of cars.


Nothing says a high end show when you drive in, park with other Lamborghinis and as soon as you get out, you see the only Verde Kers 458 Spider made (at the time) and then a P1 and Senna pull in after you! And we were there for like 2 minutes, lol! And I did screen shot a few from friends who grabbed pics of cars I missed. 👍
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