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You definitely can't be buying online anymore. Sizing inconsistencies and you just have to feel how these caps feel, especially for retail.
This. Except it worked in my favor on my Black Winnipeg Whips which I recently acquired.

Saw a 1/4 pop up on eBay recently, and didn't think I'd come across a 3/8 anytime soon considering it came out at Lids in 2017. So I bought it with the intention of just owning it for the sake of owning it, and maybe popping the band to make it fit. Hat came in, and I was really surprised that this Made in Vietnam hat was made big.
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Danville Braves for $10.00
Nice. This from their team shop? I noticed their whole lineup was on sale 1-2 wks back.

Finally catching some deals.
About $9/each for these three
2012-2015 pirates. On field. Musa. Poly. Black under

fuzz for days.

2004 red sox World Series on field. Musa. Wool. Grey under.


2005 era Montreal Expos Cooperstown collection. Musa. Wool. Green under. No batterman.


I love this earlier era of cooperstown caps. No new era side flag. All USA made. The only thing slightly wrong with this cap compared to the originals from 2 decades prior is the stitching on the crown. This features all blue, so it comes off as contrast stitching. The original had white stitching on the white panels/ red on red/ blue on blue.
All you see anymore is the generic Chinese made expos stuff. So this is a nice surprise
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Where can you find USA made new era fitted
A lot of older non flagged stock is made in USA. A lot of shops have old inventory still around. Mostly though, it's eBay. And each and every time I'm interested, I'll ask the seller where it's made it or for a photo of the tag. I take no chances.

The other element is you can sort of tell where they are made by the photos. I'll get a side by side shot for you in a bit. But sometimes you just go with your hunch on how it looks.

99.9% of grey unders and older Cooperstown are made in USA. There isn't a problem there. It's the black under polys. . I have a made in China Mets on field from 9-10 yrs back that picks up lint like it's a literal lint magnet. The trend has been for every year to see more and more overseas caps. Once the derby USA factory closed, we're seeing 95% overseas caps.

Over that 10-12 year span, the percentages have flip flopped. In 2007, we saw maybe 10% made in China. By 2009, 15-20% of all caps were made overseas. By 2018, 80% were likely made overseas. By 2017, we saw the flag appear on the side of caps. So anything with a flag and a new design within the past two years is likely made elsewhere, 80% chance or higher. Some popular teams like the Yankees have had nearly 50% of their poly stock come from overseas since 2008.
Here’s a heads up for you NT hat collectors.
Macys just brought back some retro classic hats. They had 3-4 for months but now brought back some 2-3 dozen.
There’s currently a 30% off coupon on their website for select items. Retro classics are included
Combine free shipping at $75, and an active 10% cash back from ebates, and you can walk with some retro classics for $15/hat. Some are on sale. Some aren't. So it's a guessing game on how long you want to wait for some of these hats to get cheaper. The Yankees was on sale for awhile, then it went back to retail. But the wahoo all navy? Yep. I bought a couple more. Can’t beat less than $14 for a wahoo.
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Most of the authentic collection are USA
Was. At least caps from 2016 and prior seem to be majority USA made. Lately, it's not looking good for USA made. You really have to search and ask. Like I said, look for old stock from sporting good shops. They may still be sitting on old stock. As of a few months ago, Macy's still had some Musa non flagged hats.
You win. You lose some.
With older 'used' caps, sometimes the crowns just succumb to gravity and there's nothing you can do.


The tigers is a 2005 era wool grey under beauty, on paper. Upon arrival, it fits and looks mostly like a low crown 39fifty cap. Cheapy find hoping for a gem buts it's just ehhh.




The next , I probably didn't look at photos close enough or ask for more info. The crown tends to really lean back on this one. It's a 1993 era Indians on field. Musa. Grey under wool. Looks wise, it appears to look like I'm wearing a little kids hat on my head. From a front view, it looks solid. Side view, there isn't much I can do to save it.

A true cautionary tale here. Not all vintage hats are created equal. Neither have any sweat stains. Minimal yellowing on the band. Both signs, they may have a sturdy crown. But both almost feel like they've been smashed in a box for 10-15 years and forgotten about.
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