Post your toys! Vol. 1?

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tyree do great tyree do great I did, they're both up for preorder on BBTS

Ok I know I mentioned some comparisons so first up we're going with some boxing comparisons. Neca Clubber Lang, Apollo Creed, Storm Collectibles Ali, Tat Mike Tyson & WHC Mike Tyson, Sota Balrog (M.Bison)

A look at them all

So the Tyson vs Balrog(the flatterer)

Ali vs Creed
the 2 mouthing showboats sporting robes

So all have their ups and downs all recommended figures imho
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So next up another Sota vs Storm Collectibles
Sota Ryu & Ken vs Storm Collectibles Evil Ryu & Violent Ken

Now 2 things first Sota was making 6in figures along the lines of ML/DCUC/MotUC etc, while Storm Collectibles does the 7in scale like Neca/DCC/Diamond Select. There's also a significant price diff, the Sota were 24.99 at FYE, where as the SC were 64.99 at BBTS. All look good sculpt wise but you get a premium in the SC price point with more accessories, 3 extra heads, 3 extra pairs of hands, figure stand, fireballs, and V.Ken has an extra shoryuken effect, compare that to Sota who got an extra pair of hands a piece and then Ryu got whirlwind kick effect and Ken got the shoryuken effect and you can quickly see the price diff.

One last thing, E.Ryu and V.Ken fireballs are diff just like in the game

Quick note, I didnt realize the packing had removable backgrounds
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Next up I added Revoltech Nick TMNT. I believe these are the legit ones but as always they could be the KOs, I just dont know enough about them to know the diff and the price was to good to be true though they were someone else's display piece before I bought them 2nd hand. They come with some really nice accessories. Each turtle has a action stand that sits on top of a sewer lid and an extra head showcasing some of the more meaningful emotional moments from the show. Both Mikey and Donny have extra weapons, spinning nunchuck for Mikey and bladed bo staff for Donny.
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My TF x GB crossover arrived, can’t stop staring at this thing

Top flap got a bit creased but that’s alright. Can’t believe I initially hesitated on the pre-order cuz it didn’t quite fit in my collection/“wasn’t G1”. In hindsight probably should’ve ordered two!
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Ok first up let's talk Carnage. As of now there have been 3 Carnage incarnations released. Cletus Cassidy the original psychopath, Spider-Carnage one of the alternate reality Peter Parkers, and now Red Goblin the Norman Osborn meets 5 shots of espresso insanity.

I dont have the goblin glider from the comics so the movie ver. stepped in. The tail is cool but I wish it was articulated like Macgargon Venom, and speaking of the Venom symbiote.....Here are the 3 incarnations of Venom with "Peter Parker". Black Symbiote Spiderman, Superior Venom, and modern BSSM

Next up all the wearers of the Venom Symbiote (minus MacGargon as I'm still not satisfied with his ver. come on Hasbro hooks us up)

I lined them up backwards, must be reading to much manga, anyways from r-l the first wearer was Deadpool, followed by Spiderman, Brock Venom, Agent Venom, Superior Venom and them the modern Spiderman look
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I have the opportunity to get the latest broly and gogeta shfigarts figures for about $100 total im dragging my feet though lol i generally dont mess with figures
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