Question about 1985 Nike Dunks (Michigan)

Feb 26, 2021
Hi all,

I’m fairly certain these 1985 Michigan Nike Dunks are legit (bought some 10+ years ago), but was wondering about correct sizing. On the inside it appears to say it’s a size 10 (and then 85, which is is similar to what it says on the inside of a pair of 1985 AJ1 breds I also have), but if you look closely at the the shoe box it says US 9.5.

Should I assume then that is a size 10...or 9.5? Should I go off the inside of the shoe, or the box? If it was a normal tag I’d go off shoe but wasn’t sure on a shoe this old. And perhaps most importantly, should I be concerned that there’s a half size discrepancy (even though it would seem like a lot of trouble to fake the box)?

Anyways, thanks all for any advice or pointers.



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