Rap About Nothing: Hip Hop Chat Thread

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Had no idea they were doing Rolling Loud in NYC this year at Citi Field. Saw them setting up the stages while I was on the 7 train this morning. Trash from all of the boros and beyond will descend on the 7 train this weekend. Lawd have mercy.


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Just watched the Ross performance and made me realize how many hits he has. Makes me even more disappointed with Port of Miami 2 though :smh:
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wavycrocket wavycrocket wavycrocket wavycrocket

**** getting spooky out here
I told *****s Youngboy & Lil Baby n nem having their way. Both actually in the streets and on the charts. Good to see Super Future still doing his thug thizzle.

They pressed the button on Da Baby. He makes bangers from time to time. Not sure if he’s a project artist tho...and I could easily see *****s getting tired of him very soon.
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I haven't watched even half an awards show in probably 5-6 years (MTV, BET, Grammys, etc.). Mainly just check for headlines and watch highlights the next day. Anything noteworthy from the BET hip hop show?
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lol explain
He comes late for everything - (an hour or two)

Everything centers around him - “I don’t want that person doing that...**** that, I don’t care”

Attitude is ****ty like talking to everyone like they’re “peasants” :lol:

For the Rolling Stone cover, Takeoff had to apology to the photographer and manager of the studio for how disrespectful he was.

His rider request is ridiculous...I can’t remember.

I’ve dealt with celebrities and their rider request - some are not as bad. But you can clearly see they’re freeloading it for their people. :lol:
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