Rap About Nothing: Hip Hop Chat Thread


formerly willchamberlain
Joined Nov 24, 2012
Woke her up, called her daddy a ***** while he mourning the death of his unc and bm :lol:. Had her wig looking crazy as hell. He Fa sho slapped her down a few times, got her fightingreal life charges all while giving her the herp.How is he not a goat? Drake would never.
Joined Aug 11, 2012
Floyd got that karma in the worst way :smh: :lol:

YB Vs Kodak was always going to come to a head. Boosie churrin. I hate it. Take me back to simpler times. I blame AB, somehow :smh:

“Free Kodak, every thing was slaaaaaaaayed.....yeah”

YB did steal yo dance tho. But Kodak paved the way, so YB can fly. Two of the best out. It’s sad!
Joined Mar 14, 2010
He a cat who bout the action who just happen to hit off rapping. Cats forget that he was really out here getting busy
Ya’ll respect n_ that only know how to shoot. “Getting busy” yeah. Busy with guns. These lil n_ ain’t got hands. A “Street” n_ need to know how to squabble also. But I know for a FACT Jackboy got hands. Jit bumping. Ya’ll gotta stop making cats look solid just because they can shoot....
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