Rap About Nothing: Hip Hop Chat Thread

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I never understood why is it so uptempo. This is such a confusing song to listen to. Am I supposed to be head nodding or dance to it?

Kid Capri, there's a reason you're the only one who's played it.
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Randomly popped up in my YT recommendations. Man I had forgot all about this song. Back in the day I know I thought this was fire :lol:

C and Mystikal :smokin
Hahahahahahaha, I remember that movie.

I like Master P’s Scream song. That beat hard as ****.

Master P had a South Park song too. That N was getting checks from all kinds of wypipo
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Samples a cheat code

back when they were The Warlox

I thought she was going to be bigger

I wonder if Mary played a part. She wasn't very kind to the "next Mary" in the industry....
And before the Warlox they were the Bomb Squad. I had the the Whole Bomb squad Demo tape but it’s MIA.
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