Rap About Nothing: Hip Hop Chat Thread


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Leasing is a lifestyle choice. A car is a depreciating asset so paying cash for an expensive one is foolish. Even if I was a multimillionaire, I'd pay cash for an everyday driving car or truck and lease anything else.

Jay-Z talked about it in his Decoded book. He said he was still ignorant when he spit that line "We don't lease, we buy the whole car as you should".


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I was def on the games side during the G unot days. I actually created the first G unot page on MySpace :rofl:
still liked 50 back then. Listened to the massacre a bunch and still like it now
I’m a fan of both. Haven’t listened to game in a minute tho

Used to have like 9000 game diss songs from lime wire
Kinda corny listening now :lol:
This whole playlist
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I mean does he? When’s the last time he put a project out?
He puts out looseys all the time, but people stopped caring about him musically. Shown by you not knowing when he puts out music.

He'll go grab the hottest artist be it Post Malone or a Chris Brown and do a song with them, because of course he's still 50.

Nobody cares about his music though, so there's never an album follow up.

It was sad the way he was trying to draw up demand for Street King Immortal, it's ain't Detox, it's just that nobody cared.
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People still thinking about this too hard. These aint career retrospectives or even real battles. Its 20 random tracks vs 20 random tracks. You either like them or you don't. Only debate is whether mixtapes/freestyles are allowed which we STILL don't have a concrete answer for
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50 thought he could son Game like the rest of his cronies and failed yet Game is the insecure one? Mannnn G t f o h :lol:
He did son him though. It don't have to be the same way he sonned Buck or somebody else.

Man had Game making up and then dissing him every other week like he was some battered wife. That's how the whole Game is bipolar stuff started :lol:

Its literally always the same thing every time and if you go by Curtis' standards none of Game's 20 dozen disses ever had the impact to the point it registered.

50 cares about music
You sure?

I feel like he releases those collabs just for his core fan base. Maybe a mixtape.

He stopped releasing albums or even projects. Check his social media. Its solely focused on all his tv shows he's making or commenting on other rappers.

To me he's in a similar position LL was in a while back.
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