Rap About Nothing: Hip Hop Chat Thread

Joined Apr 5, 2017
People still thinking about this too hard. These aint career retrospectives or even real battles. Its 20 random tracks vs 20 random tracks. You either like them or you don't. Only debate is whether mixtapes/freestyles are allowed which we STILL don't have a concrete answer for
****** take that **** way too serious. It was cool when ****** were bored in the house early in the quarantine but im good now :lol:

Remy LeBeau

formerly carbon16
Joined Feb 15, 2011
Has there been a Game sighting since the 50 clip? I'm surprised he hasn't said anything in response to the verzuz yet.


formerly ginfante
Joined Apr 17, 2013
One thing NT doesn’t do is put their bias aside

Game has a deeper catalog than 50 but good luck tryna pull up 25 Game songs to go against 50’s 25 songs

We just saw this in the Gucci/Jeezy battle. Most of Gucci songs were cult classics but didn’t hold up well against Jeezy’s. In a Verzuz setting, 50 will beat Game, only reason 50 is willing to do it
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