Rap About Nothing: Hip Hop Chat Thread

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The two best things about Verzuz is watching artists get their flowers, Ja definitely deserves his flowers cause he got joints. The other thing is seeing what songs artists are feeling that fans aren’t. Joe played like 5-6 joints he shouldn’t have. Ja played 3-4 he shouldn’t have. **** is funny to see them feeling certain joints and the fans aren’t feeling.


formerly willchamberlain
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Smh imagine if all the previous verzuz had the audience. The 2 chainz whooping would’ve looked worse, the lil Jon vs t pain would’ve blew the roof off the building. The johnta/neyo dream/Garrett would’ve been lit.
Joined Sep 21, 2008
He probably would do 20 songs himself and bring out guest or some ****. But itd have make sense. He need something to promote, he ain’t doing it for that baby bag or “flowers” that he’s been getting for decades.
Imagine the sponsorship bread him and Nas could generate
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Idk I’d watch 🤷🏽‍♂️
JD got hits lol
We'd watch. Of course but look at what Joe just said at the end about Ja.

Apparently nobody wanted to go against him to get embarrassed or lose by a lot. He chose to step up.

JD got a lot in his bag but Puff just did more and got more hits.

If they did it better not be in NYC.

Also the way Puff act? It'd get ugly quick.
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