Rap About Nothing: Hip Hop Chat Thread

Sep 5, 2006
Jan 5, 2013
yeah I saw that on my citizen app. Co owner of Republic smoked early Saturday morning. Two people just got shot around my way on Lenox the other morning and I just saw Grady over at toast on Lenox a few hours ago. I don’t even like going out no more, it’s too risky.

Man that’s deadass how it’s been for me these past few months. Mf’s running so wild outside that I’ve practically given up on making moves out there. The crib has been the best bet as of late. Seen so much avoidable bs going down that it’s like… nah, I’m good. I’ll be at the house with it.

Been looking at the city sideways since that one dude killed the security guard at encore (spot across the street from the aquarium). Similar to the **** that happened with Michael Gidewon. Mans get thrown out of a club, can’t hold his liquor feels that embarrassment, then comes back bussin. Wild mf’s out there for real. Got folks saying “go out for what” :smh:
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