Retro 5 question???

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I have the retro 4's that came out in 1999 or whenever it was and has we all know the air bubble is foggy and the midsole has turned to cornbread pretty much and is just crumbling.  I also have the 1st run of the retro 5's that came out and the air bubble is foggy as well.  Difference is the midsole on these does not seem that it will crumble.  Need NikeTalk's opinion wear them or leave them VNDS status and get the 5's  that come out later this month.  My retro 4's crumble every time i press my thumb into them and the 5's do not. Discuss.
Joined Feb 29, 2008
retro v's tend to not crumble as fast as compared to the iv's from what i've owned. if the midsoles on the v's have some give on them when you stick your thumb into them then you should be good to wear them. if it's really something that's going to eat at you everytime you try to wear them i suggest selling them. the v's that come out on the 20th don't even compare to the ones that you currently own. just try to find a pair from '07 for sale. at least it's made of durabuck, not suede, and you can probably find them for about the same price or lower than the v's that will release later this month.
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Yeh i agree with him^^ if you're comfortable with wearing shoes that have a small chance of the sole cracking when you wear them, and it wont kill you if they do crack/crumble, then go ahead and wear em, but not too much. and the 07 pair is 100000000 times better than the ones that are gonna release soon. good luck on your decision!
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