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Has anyone been getting an influx of these lately?

I’ve been having the “congrats you won” message appear at least 4 times in the span of 10 minutes.

Edit: someone beat me to it.


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Hi all, thanks for the report. Can anyone let me know what thread (please copy and paste the URL, not just the thread title) so I can try to reproduce this? Any specifics such as: what kind of device you're using and browser would be appreciated.


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We know ad money is the top priority on this site now but this needs to stop b

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If ad money were the "top priority on this site," there would be a lot more of them, we'd sell user data, and we'd emphasize yield over quality. Instead, we've disabled all but the most basic and common ad network on mobile to try and minimize the incidence of pop-up ads at significant expense.

This is, unfortunately, and industry-wide problem:

If enough people are interested in supporting the site through an ad-free premium subscription service, we may be able to accommodate such a request. In most cases, people want to use the site for free, which requires us to place ads on the site - and our options in that regard are limited.

I could sit here and complain at length about the automated screening processes common in the ad industry, but I don't get the sense that you particularly care why this is happening. You just want it to stop. That's a goal we wholeheartedly share.

Pop up ads are 100% inappropriate and our team is working hard to remove them as best they can. If you look, every single screenshot shared in this thread has a different URL associated with the offending ad. We can block 100% of the bad ads that are reported every day, yet other variations continue to appear for people - and the ads each user sees can vary depending on factors like device and browser history.

Our goals are the same here. Where I disagree is with the assertion that pop ups are appearing because we "allow" them to, because we've sold out and chose to prioritize ad revenue ahead of the user experience. That's just not so. If anything, we're actively sacrificing revenue for the sake of the user experience. Don't forget: everyone on the staff uses the site, too, and does so without an ad blocker.

We want these things removed every bit as much as you do, but we can't run fewer than one ad network if the site is to remain online and sustainable. If you would prefer an ad free experience to eliminate the possibility of seeing something like this, while still supporting the site, we can look into developing an ad free subscription, not unlike what we used to have on ezboard.
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