RIP George Floyd


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How do you know they were fired 👀 that’s awesome but now they should both be tried.
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Anything to do with blood loss or restriction to the brain can have permanent effects after like 30 seconds. This is bro science from BJJ.

But 7 minutes is beyond belief for me. What an awful thing these guys did. I hope they get some time.
Getting fired is not enough.
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Really took Minneapolis less than a day to fire those involved here yet you've got other major cities like NY and Baltimore BSing for years over reprimanding cops for killing unarmed civilians >D

Nice first step but the next step is to charge that POS with murder now that he doesn't have that official blue wall of protection anymore...


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And another one...

So... so called black people, you still gonna look for fairness from so called white people and chase equality? :lol:

They've been showing us what they're about from the time we got here, and pre-civil rights, so called black people understood what it was. But ever since then, our people have been chasing this nonsensical dream of holding hands while we've been destroyed from the inside out :smh:

I stated this in the Arbery thread and I'll state it here again. THIS PLACE HAS TO GO. Too much innocent blood has been spilled here. My advice for you so called black people is to not get caught up in the fall of America still chasing that hug.

I hope this brother was square with whoever he believed his maker was.
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How long before a Karen comes in here talking some pro-police BS?

Edit: There goes DWalk
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