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Joined Mar 5, 2005
I have the iRobot 675. It does the job as far as maintaining a clean floor. Just bare in mind that if you want something that can "completely" pick-up everything, make sure you buy at least an 800-series. I still find strands of dog hair on my living-room rug and sometimes it takes more than one pass to get a clump of hair or bigger debris. Also, you have to empty the vacuum once every two sessions and clean the brushes every three sessions if you have pets. You can get away with my 675 if you don't have pets, but I don't think it deep vacuuming for my carpets. Also, it won't get into places that it doesn't fit through, so if you have alot of furniture, you might want to sweep the dust and dirt to the middle so the vacuum can pick it. If you couple this with a Cordless Dyson though, they can be a perfect pair.
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