Ronnie Fieg Collabs - Tracking order link

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AF kinda boring🤷‍♂️
I agree. Was hoping for more - at least changes in materials - some chenile or whatever. I'm sure lace options will be there, but maybe dubraes too. I think there are 2 other colorways.

EDIT: 5:04 PM - Just got shipping for 1 of my 2 Disney orders.
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i must've looked at those af1s like 20 times today. they are so clean, definitely need those.

but there's (i think) like 4 different colorways. at least that's what was shown in the fall pt. 2 lookbook. wonder if the others are just samples/f&f or if they are all releasing.
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Heather bogo with the sleeve patches came in today. Love this thing man. Third and final order shipped today as well. Corduroy cap for me and plaid sleeve hoodie for my wife will be here tomorrow.
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I hope so too, last year they released the Columbia later I feel like... I remember not being able to wear my high pile for very long at all.
High pile from last year is warm as ****!

Got shipping for my plaid ginza from Monday. Pissed at myself for not going for more online when I had the chance. Friend was only able to get the Harrison Hoodie and chucks for me in store
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