Sorry, we are unable to process your order. For more information [Code: 98D2586B ]

Oct 11, 2022
Why is it so difficult to order a pair of trainers on the Official Nike website?

I tried back in 2016 to order some Huaraches and the order failed, 2 weeks of phoning customer support got me nowhere so I said to myself to avoid nike products entirely which I have done since then.

Today I thought to see whats new with the 97's range, So I tried to order via Firefox, Opera, Internet Exploerer, Via a logged in account and via Guest checkout, and via 2 different bank cards.

I am met with the error code 98D2586B

There are hundreds of google results for this error message, why is it so hard for nike to create a website that functions? Amazon, Ebay, and the rest manage just fine.

Sep 2, 2018
Might have you blocked or the item is out of stock. Try deleting cookies web browser,use a different credit card. Maybe a different computer. You try mobile or destroy. Last resort call a Nike rep


formerly maluah
May 17, 2005
I found out my ad blocker had been causing issue when ordering some stuffs online. When I thought by disabling it should solve it, there was still a setting that caused the issue. At least that's my case.

Another possibility is your IP is blocked either they thought you're a bot or something else. That happened to me lol. Luckily I moved house and got new IP from my ISP, so that fixed it lol.
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