Squid Game

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"Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children's games. Inside, a tempting prize awaits — with deadly high stakes."

putting in work

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About to head home and watch the last episode.

It is fire though, really good show in a while.
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korean content best thing going for netlfix. going to have to check this out as well
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West Wing
Squid Game..
3 GOAT shows in that order..
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Finished watching the show last week; it was definitely appreciated.

SNU Business School dude had shady and cut-throat written all over him. Saw that from the jump. Relatedly, am I the only one who was irritated by how the "brown" character was portrayed? Made him way too subservient and gullible for my liking.

I think subsequent seasons of the show should take place on different continents and feature games from those continents. Then there should be an "ultimate survivor" type game featuring the survivors/winners from those continents.

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I need to go ahead and make that plunge. I heard the subtitles might be a issue tho.
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Can somebody put the spoiler warning and explain the ending to me?

I was confused...
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Can somebody put the spoiler warning and explain the ending to me?

I was confused...
Player # 001 revealed himself to be the mastermind behind the game. He and his uber-rich friends came up with the idea of the Squid Game in order to have fun since wealth had sapped the excitement from their lives. Right as 001 dies, the protagonist proves that people are not as selfish and uncaring as 001 and his rich friends think.

Prior to finding this out though, and after winning the game, the protagonist--traumatized by the experience of the game and the blood money he wins--chooses to live in poverty rather than spend a dime of blood money he won from the game. This is why he ask the wealth manager to borrow 10,000 Won after their meeting despite having 40+ billion Won in his account.

After the protagonist learns the truth behind the game, he adopts the younger brother of the North Korean refugee lady from the orphanage he was at, has the kid go live with SNU **** boy's mom, and gives the majority of the money to her to care for themselves. He then determines to go to the U.S to be with his daughter, but at the last minute he turns around because he aims to exact vengeance on the Squid Game, which is still ongoing.

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