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Just started taking preworkout. I know its a good problem, but I am almost going too hard! Towards the end of my workouts starting to get more tired. What strategy do you guys use that have been taking one for a while? More water? Not going all out? Taking less?
Take less. star with half a scoop. Soon you’ll feel nothing and then start using a full scoop.
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my man. Keep going you got this. do interval for that extra .5 if u need to til u build up.
it's taken me forever to hit a full stride mile since i haven't done it in over 7 years
I appreciate it bruh.

Yeah improving cardio is tough. I haven't exerted myself running like this since HS when they made us run the track. I'm starting to enjoy the out of breath feeling after the run is over. Similar to the aftermath of a good workout


Joined Oct 10, 2018

375 x 3 rpe 7/8

340 3x5

Been increasing my top set and my drop down set by 5lb every week to apply progressive overload.

Going to aim for 390 1x3 next week. That’ll be a great rep PR for me.
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Trx is sick if you’re into taking a break from hammering heavy weights.

Squats 4x3 335
Trx pistol squats 3x10
Trx lunges 4x10
Abs on trx

Push ups on it are a whole new level of hard. Hella balance. Same as ring push ups if you ever did those.

Yes sir.

Try pushups while feet in another set of straps or on a ball.
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Coach is a beast. :pimp:

Are iPhone step counters even accurate? According to my phone I’m logging between 12-18k steps a day at work which I find hard to believe :lol:
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