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Joined Jul 31, 2004
Any golfers in here? I need to get a set of clubs, temps are dropping will they go on sale as seasons change? Is Black Friday my best bet? This seems like a great deal
Joined Jul 31, 2004
the only thing I like about golf is using the driver cause it makes me feel alpha
I’m all about a safe nature walk. I’m trying to get motivated to travel again, Golf courses have some of the best scenery to offer wherever you go. Also golf carts >>> go carts

they are also known to be toxic AF:rofl:probably still healthier than binge drinking [\Spoiler]
Joined Feb 27, 2016

“People set limits on themselves because of their age, gender, because they have kids”

43 years olds and the current USAPL national (5x) champion and a 1x IPF world champion.

wood smash
What does your name mean in English?
Joined Mar 3, 2012

I know I be pissing people off but I don't care. Brb being in the rack for least an hour.

Them: "How many more sets you got?
Me: Twelve.
theres a chick in there just like you.
this morning had 6 dumbbells.
using 2 smith machines. and the leg press machine
for her little circuit in a somewhat full gym.
i almost lost my fkin mind..

but i gotta respect her because aside from me and like 2 other people. shes the only one who Lifts lifts.
wild thing shes like 5'2 90-100lbs soaking wet but shes decently ripped.
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