Super Gonorrhoea is here and it’s not playing.

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Shawty in the vid gon be a face of SuperG.

Sad thing is, team raw would still risk it all for her

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Spreads from touching?

Nah b. Can't even dap the homies up anymore we on head nods only now

The gay dude at the end is wild, man was riding so hard for team raw :sick:
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As a man who has been burned before I will say that has to be one of the nastiest STD you can have. I was drunk smashing and felt this immediate burn up my body soon as the condom broke. Of course I didn’t realize what was going on at the time but when that **** kicked in a could days later and my pipe was leaking discharge. :sick:

And I had a girl at the time. Was mad dirty macking in them streets. Dog I snuck out and brought a preparation h kit. Lol.
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