TAY Spring / Summer '19: The Savage Retreat

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Bluechews and hims

I know my pops use to take the gas station pill and drink a red bull
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I just realized I like tall women pretty much exclusively. No woman I've dated seriously has been under 5'6, the last three were all 5'8 or taller. The most recent one was 6' (she swear she 5'10..yea ok). Thick thighs and dat mass on long legs...good gawd all mighty.
Welcome to the party!

5'10 - 6'1 :smokin
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I got tested a week ago and everything came back clean.
With how wild I was last year and this year, God was looking out for me because I didn’t know what a condom was
Right! I slipped up a few times last year but will do better next year.
I sound like a fat girl talking about losing weight..lol


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Smashing my girl while her mom is in the other room with no damns given is a new low for me. Had to throw the pillow over her face.

Happy thanksgiving.
I remember smashing my girl downstairs in the family room, while her moms was upstairs getting smashed by her boyfriend. We both were putting in work many times in that house. Family room was directly under her mom's bedroom to. LOL.
Lmaoooo wtf

Did fam leave his **** in the car?
Homie left it in the glovebox for safe keeping.
Welcome to the party!

5'10 - 6'1 :smokin
Messed with this big thick joint probably 6'0/6'1 just solid. I use to go to town on that ***, once she got off the night shift head straight on over to my apartment. I would hated to be my neighbor because she was real vocal and didn't have the sturdiest of beds so it was rocking. She eventually moved to Chicago, she I was treating her as a sex toy. Meh.
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I’m overdue for a test man, nobody from the roto has said anything so I just assume I’m good 😭

I got with this chick recently that’s a gynecologist and that had me shook 😂

Oh and 6’5” checking in
Tell em go ahead and wear those heels baby 😈
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Went for my first massage in a long time yesterday. The best I’ve had, for sure. She was wildly into it the whole 30 mins. These younger chicks be lame.
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I’m assuming y’all raw dogging?

cant get caught with anythingif u always wear a rubber right?????
Nope. Condoms are your best bet for preventing HIV, but you're still susceptible to contracting herpes, HPV, and molloscum.

Gonorrhea, syphillis, and chlamydia are also prevented by condoms, but those are much easier to deal with than herpes and HPV. Molloscum isn't great, but child's play in comparison to the other two.
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