The Average Cost of Dating For Every State In The US

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Also they should post the ratio of who actually is paying for these dates? The male or the woman (or whatever combination of other gender power ups you wanna use)

Bet a Cali dinner date the ratio is lopsided.:lol:

Mark Antony

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For a date with your actual lady, yeah some of those look right. The drinks usually set it over the top, got much cheaper when we stopped drinking like that.

stuntman mike

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i can't see the hawaii numbers but an average date in NY is around $300?! last time i paid around that much on a "date" was taking my wife out for her birthday dinner in japan and we had kobe beef. what are people doing that costs that much aside from dinner at a fancy restaurant? broadway show?
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NY’er checking in. I can KINDA believe that number. NYC is full of young, well-off singles to inflate that average and there plenty of opportunities to blow money there.

If I’m going on a legit date with a girl I’m looking to court, I find that my average cost is $130-150 between dinner/drinks/whatever.
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