The (Bootleg) Jordan 1 Wars


Joined Sep 12, 2010
Took Nike long enough. Should've had this done at the same time they took aim at Warren Lotas dunks
I don't hate the fact that dudes was eating off of that silhouette because it wasn't trademarked but it was starting to get outrageous.
Joined May 11, 2017
US patent laws are only good for 20 years and cannot be renewed. By the time Nigo released the Bapestas, the 20 years already passed.
Why didn’t they renew it? It’s wild if that’s literally the only thing that stopped them from ****ing wit Nigo
Joined Sep 5, 2006
Who the hell are buying these shoes with the bootleg swoosh? Lol

also dunks are definitely the go to”cool” shoe … but I’m going to continue to buy them cause of the nostalgia, resell is usually not insane , I never hit on snkrs and I’m past the days of paying $350+ for shoes lol
Joined Sep 5, 2006
Somebody posted the 1s with the apple
Logo instead of the swoosh….. the hell is going on out here lol

I get supporting small businesses but I can’t believe this is a thing lol
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