The MMA Thread: DON'T ASK 4 STREAMS & NO GIFS- UFC today at 9AM on ESPN/ABC

Sep 5, 2021
Honestly, out of all the options and considering the time…

Suga/Chito. The two of them together could sell a co or main event.

But they have a couple of options.

I’m sure it wasn’t on purpose but Aljo can’t get no break.
I’d say he’s had more breaks in the last year and a half than most fighter get in their entire career.

1. Gifted the belt on a DQ
2. Gifted a bogus decision in the rematch
3. Gifted his first title defense against an opponent with the shoulder of a 90 year man.
4. Gifted a buttload of extra time with the belt by sudden injuries

…that last one may be a late Christmas gift to himself.
Mar 29, 2008
If Usman wins the tournament should it be time he considers ufc? Figured at that point islam should have 3/4 title defenses and would probably consider moving up
Aug 30, 2012
On one hand, I appreciate the words he is saying.

It would’ve been nice if he:

  • Complete anger management training
  • Donate $500K to combat domestic violence
  • Meet with the leaders of a domestic violence organization
  • Give a speech about DV to his fighters during the next fighter’s symposium
  • Meet with team owner Ari Emmanuel to demonstrate an understanding of the situation
Feb 11, 2008
i mean this in the nicest way possible because it is a bad thing to say but i cant wait till the next ufc fighter catches a domestic case to see what happens
Jul 3, 2015

McNugget getting wild on Twitter.

Best comment I saw was “your husband’s in me dms.”

May 6, 2015
DoBronx been eating good after losing the belt eh? Im sure its just the angle lol.

I'd say him beating the likes of Fiziev or Dariush should put him back in the #1 contender spot. Also don't think any of the other top guys at LW want to fight Fiziev. Islam didn't have an impressive resume up until his titleshot. Lot of the top ranked guys like Gaethje, Chandler and Poirier don't want to fight the up and comers.
May 6, 2015
Yeah if none of them will why would the #1 contender?
Well if Volk somehow wins then who knows maybe Charles gets the shot without having to fight again. But that would screw up the FW division if they made winner of Emmett-Yair sit on the sidelines holding the paper belt.
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